Reflections on the National Museum of African American History and Culture

Black Mecca – must return annually for activist restoration and rejuveNATION

As a Honors African American Studies Graduate – I was especially moved by the experience.

The museum is uniquely designed in 6 sections as such:

Top level – freedom level – Black Culture – hip hop / music / Art

Upstairs 6 – Enterprise / Sports / Faith

Upstairs 5 Genealogy / Research

Street Entry – level 4 bookstore – a special exhibit

Below level 3 – segregation

Basement level 2 – Reconstruction Era

Dark slave ship level 1

The most bottom level representing the depths of our experience is expectedly the most soul provoking. I was moved by the preserved shackles and the pieces of iron slave ship debris displayed for viewing.

I held back tears and was moved to pray as I viewed the casket of Emmett Till. You could feel the power of God reverberate there – the collective power of other prayers lingering and accumulating and prohibiting God’s presence from dispatching from this site. The smell of God was so fragrant – thick and musty like cologne. I’m telling you – we saints of God have put his angels and he on overtime for baby Emmett.

I had to collect myself out of respect of others patiently waiting to commemorate him because my spirit was ready to break out into full praise dance right there on the spot.

Favorite part – ugh. Seeing Harriet Tubman’s shawl – her prayer shawl and her hymnal book. I knew that Harriet was a praying woman of God and that she received visions and dreams from God To carry out her legacy but I had no idea she was a praising woman of God – until today! And her legacy actually makes way more sense. Personally it’s inspirational for me because I know first hand that God LOVES when we praise him. It is the unapologetic act of faith and love to be so filled with joy at the wonders of our creator.

Psalms says God inhabits the people that praise him and if we allow God to inhabit us – supplemented with a clean body – drug free and a clean mind – clean thoughts not sullied by sinful thoughts and a clean soul – a true selfless of God to serve others – we create a workspace for God to perform supernatural acts through us. When we offer ourselves part-time, giving God a lease and an eviction date – God can only do part time things. But when we give ourselves to God completely – limitless, signing over the deed to our hearts – he can and he will work full-time spanning a work and a glory that spans over a life time. If you truly seek greatness. Not earthly greatness but to be a leader amongst history – give your temple completely to God and he will do a wondrous thing in you. Personally, that’s what I want – a national leadership position to pass laws and change lives for the global poor and only God has the power to move against wickedness at such grand levels – disproportionately he will move in our levels disproportionately. I see Harriett – the level of tightness she and God had – what she was able to do for her people and I want that same power.

As Harriett went from plantation to plantation setting free enslaved people, I travel from darkness to darkness – there is no hell that can hold me and there is no wickedness that can scare me in the all powerful name of Jesus Christ. Seeing that exhibit gave me so much clarity and insight. People can play with God if they want but I personally know the depth of God’s power. He wants who he wants and there is no false master that can hold he has called and if my father commissions me to go into spiritual warfare – to pray, to praise, to fight, we are going home in the name of Jesus Christ.

I was moved by the Thurgood Marshall Exhibit – I know I am meant to be an Attorney and Judge but as I grow in prophecy I think the earthly profession is a mere cover for facilitating God’s law on earth. God is concerned with his Heavenly Kingdom – if our works here aren’t aligning with that ultimate goal – we are wasting our time.

I was moved by the Black Power Exhibit – it brought the most inevitable joy! Black Power is God Power – God is the God of resistance, Justice, overcoming against evil, faith, long suffering and joy. To be Black and to love the Lord is a special sacred thing that no one can extract nor truly articulate – but the National Museum is a great start to transposing a Holy conversation about God’s special people.

Praise God – his glory that has sustained me from Africa to Brooklyn is still fresh and relevant. Praise God – while I want to assert he is the same God, I disagree he is a better God – for he has shown me all the ways he has never forsaken me, loves me and moves mightily in the hearts and spirits of those that serve him unabashedly. To God be the Glory – all he has written is still law – still enforceable – still powerful. To God be the Glory – he that looks from high and blesses on low. I thank God for my period in history – perfectly assigned – born after Harriet and born before the great – Great – Great – granddaughters that will come after me. May I perform a perfect work against poverty and police brutality so I may pass on a perfect torch.

Thank you God for this riveting historical experience.

In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

A Cry Unto God

I write this in frustration about earthly regards, I keep my focus on the Lord for he is my refuge.

Fill my heart oh, Lord, give credence to my brokenness, for I am broken hearted my soul weeps unto thee

I need your peace Oh, Lord, have mercy on my troubled, so I may be made a whole of my wretched, fragmented parts.

Bring your holy spirit upon me, may I be quickened by your wisdom that surpasses my own understanding.

Come quickly into the midnight, filling your purpose into my dreams.

My hope is nearsighted, remind me of the final, glorious thing. Remind me Dear God that my persecution is someone else’s liberty. Please allow me to find joy to serve in a thing that does not serve me.

Love me Dear God, embrace me with laughter and sharing and smiling hearts and singing birds.

Remove the speck from my eyes so I may see the four cherubims, show me marvelous and mysterious things so that the hurt of this world is made small and Heaven is thus made great.

Dear God, do not ignore me. Do not leave my texts unread, check your voicemail and return my calls.

Dear God you promised me that you would leave me and never forsake me. I expect your presence during trial. You promised me that your grace would be sufficient for me.

Father, your child is waiting. I can not fall prey to anger and frustration. I refuse to return to evil moods that produce evil things. I am certain that your peace represents the confidence of my situation and I aim to inherit your confidence in my situation.

Lord you have asked me worry not – to cast my cares on you. I have come to cast my net, I have come to lay at your feet, I have come to plead for mercy. I have come to receive a supernatural change – I will accept a supernatural internal and or external change. I have come to hear your voice, for it is sweet melody unto my ears. I have come to present my praise dance as an old testament sacrifice to be burnt up to you. I come to give myself as an offering, may my soul be burnt up to you. I come so I may be made more selfless that I live only for your will. I come so my heart may be overflowing with your love, may your glory soak my clothes and drip all over my shoes.

Help me Dear God, I cannot persist in this earthly suffering. Dear God you promised me

Promised me.

You will not fail me. I take my security in knowing that you can’t. That you can not lie, for you are God and whatever you speak by default becomes true. I take my weeping joy in knowing that even if you could fail me – you wouldn’t. That you love me too much to abandon me.

Oh, Lord your Holy Spirit has arrived in this space and your presence is sufficient for my persecution. Alpha and Omega, forever and ever. Thank you God, praise your name Oh Lord, for you are greater than all things in all of the Earth.