Prophetic dream

This morning 2/4/19 I had a prophetic dream.

The dream was in color – like a real movie.

I was preparing a day for my family to visit the safari.

I arrived at 4pm only to learn the park closed at 5 pm and the picnic site was a 1 hour hike from the entrance so that plan was over.

As I drove into the wilderness sanctuary I noticed a giant sign that said lion feeding den

Next a man – white/light Hispanic with traditional khaki safari attire, shorts, short sleeved button up with pocketed chest was present at the gate. Behind him I see a enormous lion 🦁 hhhuuugggeeee wooly mammoth huge like 40 feet high and 20 feet long huge, slowly walk by in the background. The gate was open so I was in awe/petrified.

Next a completely naked woman of Hispanic descent – age 25 – 35 slim, small breast, small buttocks, hair long down to her waist walks a bicycle 🚲 into the lion den and says, “goodbye.”

The safari guide Hispanic man says, “I liked her,” scoffs then rolls his eyes.

I assumed the lion ate the woman.

So next then Hispanic safari man whom must’ve been confident of his safety in the lion walks into the den of which the lion appears out of no where! Puts his humongous neck down an inch and gobbles the man in one swallow like a human taking a Tylenol and suddenly the woman – now fully dressed in safari gear takes off on the bike ET style in the air!

Then I woke up.

I had been battling anxiety and disappointment in my sleep and I know God was telling me – there’s a lot of people who secretly don’t like you. I like you. There are a lot of people who may try to use evil to destroy you. That is MY evil I will use to destroy them.

And I had a moment before I began thanking God

And praising God for his prophecy. I felt like Daniel in the lions eat. But the lion instructed to eat me – ate the instructor.

I couldn’t get the fully clothed part correct. Why naked to fully clothed?

Perhaps I was vulnerable and God covered me with his protection and favor but it is telling that I wore the costume of my oppressor. Did I disrobe the King and adorn myself in his garment. Idk.

I also think about the bike. God always has an escape clause. There is no prosecution without a fire ladder. I walked the bike in but I rode the bike out – not just rode it out but up.

When God bless he promotes vertically not horizontally. I would like to think I pedaled to Heaven, where else would I go that is up but to visit my fathers house?

The end.

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