Finish what we start

Before my church declared a 2 year Bible plan I was already entrenched in my own Bible plan to read the Bible chronologically from Gen to Rev. With much distraction, adhering to alternative instruction I failed to finish out my original goal – to finish what I started.

I’m currently at my namesake – Isaiah 25. I say namesake because Isaiah speaks to me like no other. Isaiah 40 is my verse when I am shaken there is foundation in her. I have found my rest and my purpose to run again – right there.

After much dismay I am back on track – in allegiance to my own way. My own stride. Many will speak ill of my perceived disobedience but I answer to no one but God. I go where he says go. I do what he tells me to do. No other. Has that ever got me into trouble? No. Earthly persecution is not heavenly trouble – in retrospect it is heavenly joy.

I have made up my mind to trust God and only God. Thank you Jesus for relieving me of myself. You are truly freeing.

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