Thank you Lord

Thank you Lord for the New Job

Dear God,

I will praise you in the morning,

I will praise you in the day

I will praise you in the moonlight

I will praise you all the way

I will thank you because you are beautifully and wonderfully made

I will thank you because you are true

I will thank you for who you are

Because you are the great I AM whom always comes through

Thank you for keeping

For never ever forsaking me

Thank you for peaceful

Thank you for each day awakening me

Thank you for the new job

I KNOW I’m gonna get it

Thank you for all the wins

For your assembly, I am in it

Thank you for wonders and glories

For exposure beyond my pay grade

Thank you for your grace

For sweet love that never fades

You are mighty and I love thee.

No one corrupt can stand in your vicinity

Thank you for divine access

For the Holies of holies

For the trinities of trinities

Author: Sharlene Green

I am a nobody, I am a servant of the Lord whose weakness is made strong by God’s strength. As I grow this “About Me,” section may evolve but right now it really is all about God and honestly a little about me. Meaning, I don’t post for y’all, I don’t do this for likes. Trust me. If you tryna be liked you not posting scriptures and reflections about God. But this is my open dialogue with God. This is about me showcasing my adoration of the Lord to the world. This is about me becoming free in unashamedness. This is about me holding myself accountable to daily worship in the word and being so on fire for God I decided to brag about my relationship to the world! So here is to growth! Here is to love! Here is to my dance upon time as I serve in this strange land. Peace and blessings.

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