Knowledge is Her Crown

Humility is her throne.

Innately I am a leader. Admittedly, I have never enjoyed being a leader. Excessive gifts have a way of generating envy when individuals don’t understand these aforementioned gifts are THEIRS. Too oft do I find myself in this strange perpendicular when those I adore are too misguided too receive my adoration. Knowledge is her crown because humility is her throne.

I am always in awe to read Solomon received great wisdom because he asked for it. This shouldn’t surprise me because God tells us, “ask and it shall be given” and more specifically he tells us “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”

My confession is that I have prayed for power. Not just any kind of power but pure, loving, incorruptible power but as absolute power – corrupts absolutely, I am constant at war with corruption. Internally and externally, the war in my mind is far most competitive than the war in reality.

The ultimate power is the power to love. Sounds simplistic but it is easier said than done. In a life bombarded with hate and disappointment I am constantly called to exercise my power.

How does one gain ultimate power?

By loving God beyond logical rationale. How do you love God beyond logical rationale? By loving God INSANELY during persecution. By turning the tables on the God intent on showing your faith off and decide you will speak directly to hell and show your God off, HALLELUJAH! Throw me in the fire and I will use the sound of the crackling fire as a gittith like instrument for my praise!

Life goes ssssooo quickly. I am encouraged by gray hairs, I am reminded that death is closer to birth. I am encouraged by big burdens, I know God will never give me more than I can bear.

I am a virtuous woman among pageant queens.

To be close to God is to feel alone with man. It is to renew oneself on estranged scents of God’s aromatic glory. To hang absolutely firm to a Heaven you can’t yet reach. It is to throw temper tantrums to a God that won’t grant neither expediency nor suicide.

Power is God pitying your soul, allowing you to come sit on the porch.

Author: Sharlene Green

I am a nobody, I am a servant of the Lord whose weakness is made strong by God’s strength. As I grow this “About Me,” section may evolve but right now it really is all about God and honestly a little about me. Meaning, I don’t post for y’all, I don’t do this for likes. Trust me. If you tryna be liked you not posting scriptures and reflections about God. But this is my open dialogue with God. This is about me showcasing my adoration of the Lord to the world. This is about me becoming free in unashamedness. This is about me holding myself accountable to daily worship in the word and being so on fire for God I decided to brag about my relationship to the world! So here is to growth! Here is to love! Here is to my dance upon time as I serve in this strange land. Peace and blessings.

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