When I was a babe in Christ, I was concerned about falling, complete departure from the word – backsliding into drinking, smoking and a discontent spirit but as a seasoned saint my expectations for this #purpose #driven #life have changed. I don’t expect to fall off because the God in me is to great but furthermore I no longer am okay with stumbling because the God in me is too great for mini frights. This psalm verse made me think about Samson and Delilah, this mighty man of God was appointed to be a Nazarite from birth. Nazarites are ordered to consecrate themselves to God, not to cut their hair and not to defile themselves with corpses. And the terms of the call spoke to me: 

1. Consecrate – stay focused on God’s will and God’s will only. 

2. Don’t cut your hair – I am purposeful in my creation of you. Please don’t insert your worldly doubt via edits. 

3. Don’t defile yourself with corpses – as in don’t walk in ungodly counsel.

Then when desire has conceived it gives birth to sin and sin when it is full grown brings forth death 1 James 1:15.  God is telling his elect only edify your life with light not darkness but death is the breaker of consecration. To do my purpose I need you consecrated not incarcerated. I need you free in Christ and not a slave to sin and this non-cutting growing of the hair is a tangible representation of the commitment. So here we have the Nazarite man Samson who stumbles when fell for Delilah, who turned the Nazarite into a Nazawrong, who used sin to deceive and thus edited God’s plan for Samson’s creation when she cut his hair, who by her lust creates ungodly counsel and removes him from God’s will. Here I see God’s circular and continual perfection. That righteousness begets strength that begets goodness whereas sin begets evil that begets weakness. To grow in strong in Christ the first step we take is the decision to grow, to grow we choose to eat nutritious food in the same manner we wouldn’t feed an infant sugar we must exercise self-control to feed our souls substance. The choice is always ours.

As our bones and our bodies are made strong with nutritious word, once babes that could only crawl, we gain the ability to stand tall. We can’t control the strong winds, the tempting desires that cause to sway but we do decide whether to stand or to stumble. Steadfast and stand strong, hold onto your hair and choose not to stumble. #godlycounsel #perspective #strength #wisewords #faith #opendiaryministry

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