We all know the story of Jonah 🚶🏾‍♂️who was swallowed by the large fish 🐳for attempting to eschew his ministry. 🗣Often times this message is recited with an emphasis on eschewing from ministry but I think God wanted us to grasp mercy from the book of Jonah. After Jonah ministers he waits from afar (being nosey) to watch and see how God will destroy the city. Jonah who is yet grumbling about the heat during his nosiness. So God allows a plant to grow overnight to provide Jonah with a comfortable shade. 🌴☂️ Has God ever blessed you when you didn’t deserve it?
The next morning God shows mercy on the people and also sends a worm🐛 to destroy the plant🍂. Jonah was sad 😥over the lost plant but he also becomes angry 😤 with God for his mercy. So God responds to Jonah, how you gonna be tight over a plant that you did not plant nor labor over 🧐that sprung 🌱and perished in one day but likewise expect me not to be softhearted for 120,000 people that I created and nourished over countless generations?
Luke 6:36 – show mercy just as God has shown mercy to you.
Are we showing mercy to our fullest capacity?
Are we secretly jealous when God shows mercy and blesses the enemies we asked him to avenge?
#mercy #forgiveness #joy #reflection#compassion #faith #wisewords#godlycounsel #strength #perspective

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