House Plant Enthusiast!


My name is Sharlene and I am a House Plant Enthusiast. I stopped counting but I have approximately 30 plants which I love dearly. I keep my favorite plants on the window sill closest to my bed. My number 1 favorite plant is my Tea cup pothos! She is the only plant with a name, her name is Prosperity. She was neglected by her former owner and the poor baby survived much neglect, lack of watering and sun. In June 2018, I replanted her in a gorgeous large ceramic tea cup with engraved flowers!!! So she is a flower in a flower (aaawwww)! When I adopted her she had  3 lonely nodes, to date she has 12 beautiful leaves with several itty bitty numbs waiting to sprout!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, my next second favorite is my Croton, her sister just passed last week and she is successfully recovered after a steep learning curve on how to care for her. Her large beautiful tropical leaves require lots of sun and lots of water. During the summer I could barely keep pace of her water schedule and as a Amateur gardner I made the horrid mistake of over fertilizer and over watering all of my babies (wwwaaaahhhh), resulting in many sad sad deaths. Call me crazy but I have an emotional connection with this plant. Noticing she was very finicky I placed her directly next to me which I believed aided to her progress. She has lost 4 leaves but she has stayed with me (thank God). Thereafter many of my species are relatively new. I have 2 Camille plants whom are suffering from babysitter over waterings. 2 Silver pothos who are sadly dying from visitor overwatering. 2 lemon surprise plants adorn the top of my armoire  – they handle lots of neglect as evident by me forgetting to water them recently. They each are tropics requiring little water. I also have two Dracenas, tropics that need little water. Let me tell you about my bonita Juanitas!!!!! These four babies are my world. They are gorgeous pink and green nerve plants whom are fffiiinniiiiccckkkyyyy! Whoo, too little sun, too much sun and they drop dramatically! Whoo! But they are beautiful, they spring right back up after a fresh watering, so pretty to see! Crotons too, they flop when dry but come right back to life!!!!!! Crocky Bunnies! Crocodile bunnies! I have two lime green dracenas they twirl so pretty like a messy bun!!!! love them!

Okay, so I lost my Magentas to the baby sitter (gggrrrr) I had to replace because the deaths were too sad for me to take. SSSSooooooo, I took  a trip out to my fav! Lowe’s!!!!! And I got two large size Crocky bunnies, yyyyaaahhhh! One Crocky Bunny is on my window and the other is in the bathroom!!!! I brought 4 Mums! Two pink flowers! One Yellow flower, One White!!! The Mums were a dddddoooooolllllllllllaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr!!!! Okay. whooo! These beautiful precious, Peace Lillies!!! OMG! These air purifiers are in the kitchen! Ssssooo Pretty! Okay, we have Berry Arrowheads, ugh! These are sssoooo big and purty!!!!! Yall don’t understand!!!! Oh! I forgot to tell you about my bonita Juanitas!!!! They all have these beautiful white little fffflllloooowwwweeeerrrrrssss, ugh, so pretty, im not crying. Okay and finally my Adam’s ivy! I keep this pair on the bathroom sink!!!! I love my plants. I just love plants. All these plants remind me of the Garden of Eden!!!! They remind me of the Lord and his marvelous creation!!!! Thank you Lord!!!!

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