A lesson in Faith and Power

As a young person I have accomplished a lot. People often ask me where my power comes from. I tell them it comes from God – more specifically my faith in God.

In the quixotic hobby of discovering God, I began to ponder on Adam, Eve and that forbidden fruit.

I thought to myself, “If God’s will for us was perfection why the temptation of the fruit at all”


Befittingly I pondered these thoughts yesterday while studying on Brighton Beach. As I gazed in awe at the wonders of the magnificent ocean, the gigantic whales that live therein, the wooly mammoths that perhaps once bathed on its coastlines and the plesiosaurs that too called the ocean home, I marveled at the conclusion that God is not a God of small things, not small blessings, not small sacrifices and correspondingly not small faith.

God placed that fruit in Eden because we were expected to have big faith because big faith equals big love.


It is impossible to truly love someone that you do not trust.

You either trust God with all your heart and soul or you don’t.

You either love God or you don’t.

When God commands us not to place any other gods before him he is also saying trust only me. When he says lean not to your own understanding he is saying, definitely don’t trust yourself, trust only me. Love only me.

Couples marry because they trust one another, with their mortality, with their flaws, with their shortcomings. They love because of that faith. When God placed that fruit in Eden he trusted us that though we are mortal, capable of sin, flaws, shortcomings, he trusted that even when given the choice to doubt him, these too will yet love me.

He thought, Adam and Eve, I trust that you will put your faith in me.

He thought, Adam I have given you EVERYTHING. All of me. I have loved you unconditionally – I trust that you love me unconditionally but the only way for you to express your love for me is if I provide conditions (forbidden fruit exemptions). For with the eschewing of this one thing you are able to too love me back unconditionally.

Have you ever been cheated on? Have you ever given your ALL to someone and yet been cheated on? Isn’t that cheating the ultimate perplexity? The ultimate agony? For when someone cheats on you – it is their expressed doubt in you with the added declaration that someone else could grant you pleasure elsewhere. How dreadfully agonizing is the missed application of love due to the misappropriation of worship!

When we ate that fruit we put our faith elsewhere, in doubt, in ourselves, in Satan. We lost our faith, we lost our love, we lost our God, we lost our creator, we lost our Father , we lost our best friend, consequently God divorced us. Sub-consequently, we became lost to sin.

Have you ever ended a relationship with someone you deeply loved but you could no longer trust? It hurt didn’t it? There is no love without faith. What you mourned was the death of a thing never to be again.

When a married pair divorces – it is the ultimate act of declaring I will never ever believe in you again. 😢

How much pain must it feel to mutually never believe in someone and to never again be believed in?

It is for this reason that God hates divorce. For if God could love us, believe in us so much that he could give his only son – who are we to give up on our husbands and our wives?

For this reason we are to forgive the way Christ forgave us and we are to love the way Christ loved us – for giving and giving and giving and giving. Relentless in our lovemaking, refusing to give up. That’s what it means to love someone – to NEVER give up.

To preach and to be ignored and yet work it out

To be disappointed and thus ignore and nonetheless work it out

Overcoming heartache, always, forever, always back to love because you wholeheartedly believe that together you can successfully work it out.

When God sent his son, he was working it out.

That’s why God says he only needs a mustard seed. Just a little seed and I will take it and nourish and make it great and mighty but for those without faith there is no love. And for those that will rot in hell it will not be for their sins but because of their lack of faith.

But when your faith increases – your love increases and when you love God whom loved you first – he loves you more back. Your life becomes a contest of out praise and out bless and out power.

I have great power from God because I have great love for God. I have great love for God because I have great faith in God. For my Bible instructs me that without faith it is impossible to please God. And my trials and tribulations, the wrecked havoc of a life I’ve lived was a blessing to increase my faith in God. I was blessed to be abandoned, poor, hungry, cast away, down trodden and mocked for only then did I have the blessed opportunity to exercise my faith – to truly learn, to know, to love God.

For how can you be in a relationship with someone you won’t trust? you won’t love?

How can that trust be deepened, when you refuse to be


To suffer together? to believe and prevail together?

How? …

There are a lot of prayers that start and end with “please God,” but these prayers lack faith truly needed to “please God.”

I spend my days interceding for hell bound mortals and I too cry out “please God,” and everyday God reminds me that for those without faith there will be no pleasing God.

Instead of begging – then worrying – pleading to God. Focus your time toward the increasing of your faith – undoubtedly trusting thus pleasing God.

Jesus is returning and he is looking for saints with perfect faith. Likewise I’m on watch for a saint with perfect love.

Perfect faith and perfect trust so we may love each other unconditionally despite flaws and shortcomings.

When God calls us not to be unequally yoked he meant that in the faith and additionally within degrees of faith.

I used to think it was acceptable just to find a Christian man but I abruptly learned that all Christians are not equal in power because all Christians do not truly have empowering faith.

To trust God undoubtedly is to love God as God loves us unconditionally.

A man will never love you more than he loves God so if I want to be loved unconditionally I have to watch for a man that too trusts God unconditionally and loves God unconditionally.

For if we both love God unconditionally God will bless our marriage with unconditional power.

The life we live is a reflection of the love we give.

I urge and encourage everyone blessed to read this to begin to please God not just plead to God.

If you have the faith.

Keep the faith.

A lot of you have earnestly prayed for big blessings, received the big blessing then doubted that you were capable and or worthy of such a big blessing.

Reminder: God does not give big blessings to little men.

Reminder: Neither does God bring forth harvest outside of its rightful season.

Remember: Don’t play God. Who are you to shuffle the sun/son and suggest when the flowers are to bloom?

Warning: Don’t play with God. He is perfect. His love is perfect. His timing is always perfect and impeccable.

Trust the love that God has given you.

John 3:16, it truly everlasting.

God’s love for you will outlast your fear.

God’s love for you will outlast your past.

God’s love for you will outlast your insecurities.

God bless everyone, good night and sweet dreams.

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