Are You Worth Fighting For?

There I was in the midst of war.

Clothes torn, sackcloth faded, my mourning had went away from me.

But yea, oh yeah, how mighty and sweet is the Lord. That responds to the smallest sprinkle of faith and comes to the rescue of his beloved.

There I was broken, lost, confused and heartbroken. The prodigal daughter had run off with her latest blessing.

And when my blessing went cold – so did my faith. Thankfully, I am a small portion of God’s holy agenda and though sometimes rebellious always remembered. Hallelujah to the God that forgot me not and brought me back home to his holy dwelling.

Sweet and holy God, my first love that filters love that filters only for my good. Praise and salute and kneel and uphold and obey this God that owns the deed to my soul. Praise God in the sanctuary. Praise God in the church. Praise God in Hell. Praise God on the porch.

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