Validated Valedictorian in the Lord

Lord I thank you for my trials and tribulations. You have taken me to some off the chain – Job level adversity and I praise God that this is legit the first exam where I trusted you 101% wavering never, but responding to my circumstance with immense joy via praise.

A mighty thing was done – through the example you allowed me to be, I was able to prove the workers of iniquity incorrect. That there is nothing that could convince me to curse my Lord and die. Nah, to God be the Glory.

Because I trusted you. Loved you. Complained and bickered not, you have blessed me, blessed those who I love, blessed my church and I am thankful for the opportunity to serve.

There is rest in the Lord, for now. I will discard the old armor, weathered and beaten down by battle. I will upgrade my barriers – this time a little thicker, more fortified for I am wiser, more forgiving, more faithful.

Your praises and good works shall continually spill from my praise. Your spirit in me shall continue to reverberate and touch others.

Lord I thank you for this season. I thank you for the winter delayed so that I may see the snow a few final times before the sun scorches up the helpmate of atonement.

I will honor you with my life. With my thoughts. With my visions that shall dictate my ambitions.

For you are a good and your mercy endures forever. Glory be the God – your counsel continues to grief our obedience. To God be the Glory, up, up, up we raise you.


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