Abstaining from Sex before Marriage

Everyone wants to feel loved.

Desired. Wanted.

We live in a world that is guided by sex. Women’s clothing is increasingly more revealing and downright vulgar. Reflect on the demotion of prom dresses; previously reflections of the heart and a celebration of youth – young girls in adult dresses now wear prom dresses as an official projection of womanhood via a public display of sexuality. Furthermore, cosmetics that accentuates one’s sexual attraction is worn by prepubescent teenagers whose mindsets are being groomed for sex long before their pituitary glands and their spiritual minds have had an opportunity to develop. Pre-marital sex and out of wedlock children – once a social taboo has become our norm.

Why does God command us to abstain from sex before marriage?

2. Hebrews 13:4

“Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.”

The creation of an orgasm is arguably ones of the best experiences created by God. Why does he thus force us to wait? What is the significance of waiting? And if we aren’t virgins – what is the incentive to further abstain from sex once we committed sexual sin once – why not again – what’s the big deal?

Sex is the ultimate expression of love within a marriage – marriage being God’s demonstration of the union between Christ and the church. Sex has supernatural power. Not just the extreme release of oxytocin and endorphins that drive the daily fight against temptation but the supernatural ability to either heal or destruct. To increase or divide and of course to create life or create death.

Ask yourself, of all experiences why does Satan work so adamantly to pervert this divine experience? Ever wonder why fornicate sounds so similar to fortify? The two are polar opposites like God and Satan. One destroys while the other builds. Via fornication, homosexuality, porn, masturbation, and adultery – the divine supernatural power that once sustained marriages and power of nuclear families has been abused for instant gratification – this impulsive, instant act – disconnects the meditation of God’s word, his holy purpose and his designation of two purposefully designed anatomical complements to experience the highest expression of God’s love on Earth.

To have sex within a holy a marriage is to experience a very minuscule snippet of Heaven. Once we pass unto eternal life – there will be no pain and suffering – what we feel for eternity is a distinct supernatural peace that for lack of comparable translation – will be felt like a zillion times more powerful than the best orgasm you’ve experienced. (Don’t get perverted on me).

There is no wonderful thing created by God that Satan does seek for himself. Blessed with the privilege and honor of being God’s choir director in Heaven – he conspired to redirect praise to himself. After God created Adam – he created Eve – he bestowed upon them the power of sex – something Satan never witnessed nor experienced for himself. God created the glorious gift of sex just for humans. He being omnipotent within himself has no need for an expression of unification. Try to imagine how glorious sex was in the Garden of Eden. Free from pain, stress, worries about finances, labor, menstrual periods, birth control or erectile dysfunction… The two walked around all day butt-naked – in love with each other.

What do you think they were doing? All day long, they were making love, eating good food and experiencing the joy of walking with a pleased God.

Now I’m not certain because I wasn’t there but Satan being the hater that he is – I can imagine him like a peeping Tom, creepingly starring at Adam and Eve conspiring a way to destroy the gift he knew he could never partake in.

So there he was – Adam and Eve who knew no lust – was introduced to lust via Satan. Lust is the original sin.

Pre-marital sex is the contemporary equivalent of the fruit of life and death. God tasks us with the duty to abstain before we take holy vows before him. When we masturbate, watch porn, we are lusting. As a man thinketh he doeth, with every Pornhub click, we are preparing our minds for the eventual act of sin. Sin is death – unpaid by Jesus, this sin leads to death. When we partake in sex before holy marriage we are slaying the Holy Spirit. It is the ultimate execution of the Holy Spirit because in this act – the exact contrast to praising God in the Holy Spirit is occurring. God says he inhabits the praises of his people. When when we engage in pre-marital sex we are singing/moaning praises to the master of death. In the same manner God/Holy Spirit inhabits the praises of his people – when we have pre-marital sex demons possess these praises to the master of death. After pre-marital sex we can recall the depth of uncleanliness that continues to mock the slaying of the Holy Spirit. As the sin festers we physically feel the pangs of our departure and is not a easy praise and pray your way back to God fix. Sexual indecency accompanies voluminous levels of demons – and the more we stray and the more often we stray from the original purpose of sex between man and woman to man to man (penetration) women to women (stimulation) adult to child (control) … man to beast (a perversion of spirit unto non-spirit) the more demons we accrue. We are tasked to abstain not because God is mean but because he is protecting us from the evil that can devour us.

God is purposeful. We must trust even when the flesh doesn’t want or when our minds don’t understand because his wisdom surpasses anything we can fathom.

Furthermore, God does not want us to wait just for the sake of marrying any penis and any vagina. God wants us to wait because there is truly a particular soul assigned and ordained for each of us.

Romans 8:28 All things good and bad work together for those that are called according to his purpose.

Paired souls and yes, paired bodies are perfectly designed for the demonstration of God’s gift to you. Often times we fall folly to this new age idea that it is okay to “test” the car before making a purchase. You are not a car. Man-made things are tested because they are susceptible to defect. You were purposefully and wonderfully made – no man or woman – needs to have sex with you to determine whether they will enjoy ongoing periods of sin with you. This is a lie we tell each other to groom our Holy Spirit for death. That’s why we must meditate on the word of God day and night because otherwise, we fall prey to false ideologies that are not only false but damning. If we truly trust God then we trust the one person he has prepared for us and we trust with the full knowingness that the one ordained man or woman of God will meet and exceed our sexual needs.

The act of pre-marital sex, extramarital sex invites demons. After our Holy Spirit has been murdered – this now becomes the perfect breeding ground for multiple demons to wreck havoc on your spirit – it is thus that homosexuals are most susceptible to the most dangerous drugs, heroin and crystal meth. We are commanded to abstain from drugs and alcohol because both weaken the Holy Spirit and thereafter incline us toward sex. Think about what happened to Noah after he became drunk and slept with his daughters. Prostitution is the commercial exploitation of sex, sex trafficking, child pornography and child sexual assault – the latter two high demons that feast off the complete depletion of the Holy Spirit and the thereafter desperate desire for affection from God and the childlike protection from God against Satan.

Focus on the gift of God, the reward of life and the reminder of eternal life to come. Don’t forsake your Esther for a Jezebel or your Samson for a Philistine. We each must focus. Remember what happened to Samson when he became distracted with Deliah? His strength – his Holy Spirit became depleted and the demons that were always present in Delilah became powerful enough to cripple Samson and disable him from protecting his people. What would have happened if Ruth had a boyfriend? She would’ve been too pre-occupied to leave home to eventually discover her Boaz. What happened when Sarah allowed Abraham to submit to adultery? Ishmael was conceived, cursed and exiled. Made bastard by sexual sin.

In this end times, we must ever so be on guard. We must strive to protect the Holy Spirit that lives in us and be mindful that our sinful thoughts don’t become a stumbling block to the unified Holy Spirit that lives in others. Let us strive to collect all the peace and rewards of God, sexual rewards included. Let us not be bashful in our steadfast stubbornness to obtain the bride and groom of our youth. Let us invest our thoughts and actions towards the praises of God and not the praises of Satan. Let us thank God for the practiced faith that yields and defeats temptation with the accepted understanding that we are what we eat. If we feed sin we will hunger and thirst for sin but if we feast on God’s word and his will than we will hunger for his holiness.

To God be the Glory. Our redeemer that did not kill us dead for partaking in pre-marital sex.

To God be the glory that does not condemn and shame us for not being virgins but yet makes our spirits anew and available for our ordained Holy Spouses.

To God be the glory – that is powerful and sufficient to deliver clean and free from the demons of homosexuality.

To God be the Glory, the author of 2nd chances. May we make Edens of our homes. Declaring to establish our bootleg Heaven on our earth where we may walk with God, partake in holy fruit and make love to our holy spouses for the pleasure and creation of Holy families.

To God be the glory.


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