Fear not Prophets, for God will protect you always

Kings Ch. 18 v. 4

For it was so, when Jezebel cut off the prophets of the Lord, that Obadiah took a 100 prophets and hid them by 50 in a cave and fed them with bread and water.

Started my day with the spirit of the Lord descended heavily upon me. Opened my bible to read my word at my desk with the above verse was the first to feast my eyes.

I had to pause.

For the verse itself was full enough and I needed no more.

Jezebel, a wicked spirit is applicable to all sin that seeks to destroy us. Everyone has their hidden vices, the surface sin they are comfortable testifying preaching of before church and in intimate bible sessions, but let us go deeper to expose and root out the secret sin that feeds off darkness and our shame. The place where parasites of condemnation let this wickedness rot and fester eating away at our soul like cancer, I am speaking to those that are stealing, consistently, from their jobs perhaps an elderly loved one that God has blessed you to care for but you have perverted this gift for your lust. Let’s dig out that root so you may be healed?

Why are you of so little belief stealing? Do you have such limited faith in the Lord that you think he won’t supply your needs? Or are you short in patience? Your doubt has served as a sin that has threatened your damnation. Has God not written that all things you need will be supplied for? Has he not written to seek only after the Kingdom of Heaven and all other things will be supplied? You are not in need you are in want? Have you not be preached to that his grace is sufficient for your suffering and those that seemingly have little to eat will you expand your faith so you are by the mandated fasting you rebel you may be made full of the blessings of the Lord?

You disobedient servant you are yet worthy of the Lord, he chastised you so because he loves you so and his purpose for you is greater than his reproach for you. For the Jezebel of your life has sought to attack and sift you like wheat, God yet loves you for this reason he has sent Obadiah to deliver you and hide you in a cave. 100 prophets / 2 so by the counsel of your fellow faithful you may be convicted in edified in the cave. And finally, you of such little faith, stealing to supply your needs, God will feed you just as promised, not with the carnal former things of the flesh that you previously glutton over but with bread and water.

Bread and water.

Bread and water.

The word of God shall you be fed. By the word of God will you be brought back into body of Christ, by the word of God will you be given faith, by the word of God will you be provided discipline, by the word of God will you be given instruction for the next mission, by the word of God will you be given adequate peace to sustain the faith you previously lack. By the word of God will you be comforted by the Holy Spirit of the Holy God that loves you forever and always.

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