And now being delievered, go to deliver those beguiled and snared by sin

I once a met a Prophet who was hiding behind her addiction. The young woman and I were the same age, she was literally a few days older than me and while our lives had similar origins – hers had trailed off in a destructive way that led to ACS revocation – loss of her children.

As we prayed and God began to unbreak the shackles in her life – she later revealed that she had the supernatural ability to see the future via visions and dreams. She explained that the mysteries were so potent they scared her beyond comprehension and in response to her felt societal isolation she departed from God as a means to depart from this prophetic power.

God in his divine purpose and planned perfection makes no mistakes. The woman whom was my client was me. Unwilling to yield to my own calling. God placed this woman in my life like a forced mirror unto my soul. Alike this women who had lost the right to her children, I too had lost the power to fight and protect God’s children.

Is the power of God more frightening than the wages of death? Yes.

It is natural and expected for mortals to respond with horrific trepidation to the exposure of God’s might. Remember when Isaiah cried with remorse when brought into the presence of God?

Isaiah 6:5 Then said I, Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts.

It is impossible to stand before God without being convicted. To be a Prophet is to be continually filled with a supernatural power that derives from the regular filling of God’s anointment into your heart. Selection in itself requires an instantaneous requirement to permanently serve the Lord and this selection involuntarily evokes a distinct period of worship to acknowledge God’s favor unto one’s life.

After this honeymoon in Christ the true responsibilities of the marriage begin.

It is there that the waves of persecution leap to drown me so I may be thwarted from the spiritual realm back unto the earth.

But I cannot afford the luxury of eviction for it is through these persistent waves that the glory of God is witnessed unto the witches and warlocks that watch from hell with demonic eyes.

Rather than wailing in fear, gulping and choking on salty sea water, alike Peter I trust God and learn by faith to walk atop water.

There are many that have traded their souls, deceived by the enemy to forsake God to receive a false omniscience 😥

The deeper they rivet in their witchcraft the less peace they have and they are continually depressed and tormented, resting never and always scurrying about. In the throes of their torture, they are most haunted by the peace of God’s persecuted. The limitation of Satan is exposed as they witness the spells they cast have no power over the sovereign in Christ.


For this reason, we are commanded to worry never

fear never,

be discontent never,

for our continued faith and our unyielding happiness! Is a baffling mystery that debunks the falsity of Satan as lord.

We serve a God whose heart is softer than you could imagine?!?

His ability to instantly forgive and bestow blessings to those that imperfectly strive after his will is a testament to the love felt for both his steadfast and his fallen.

For this reason, he asks us never to give up on him and in doing so we teach evil onlookers to return to their one true master and Father.

If we waste the duration of our earthly Christian experience – sinning and retreating from sin – we never promote to the selflessness required to help deliver our brethren from the wickedness that threatens their eternity.

For this reason, ministers, prophets, friends of God will be judged MORE severely than those outside of genuine commune with God. For if being aware of his power and might we yet live selfishly, abusing the mystery of God for our earthly transactional purchasing power than we missed the mark and are worthy of demonic mark.

The time is closer than you think. God’s time is not our time. While here on Earth we are each accountable for a proportion of souls stumbling in darkness. If we too are detached from his spirit we are unequipped to possess the necessary power to speak life over death. For if we are constantly revolving in our spiritual state of death and resurrection we are drawing away power reserved for the truly lost – our anointing is not intended to be spoiled and recycled on the conscious disobedient in Christ. It is for this additional reason ministers, prophets, friends of God will be judged more severely than those outside of genuine commune with God.

When we know better, we must do better. For time is scarce and the lost in need of deliverance outweigh the lukewarm Christians in need of constant pampering.

Knowing this may the redeemed have a heightened sense of rejoice and may that rejoice accompany heightened responsibility.

May we speak with the tongue of the Holy Spirit and act according to the Holy Spirit with the knowingness that evil on looks and aims to satisfy the justification of their rebellion.

May our explicit differences in our righteousness reveal the Holy truth that Satan has perverted for his own lust.

May we flee from sin at all times so we may example not only the strength of God but the redeeming almighty unconditional love of God.

Ultimately we live in Christ to prove to the wicked that God and the God in us hates the wicked but truly loves their souls, unlike Satan who snatches souls to be abused for the relief of his own eternal scheduled bereavement.

To glory be to God, his light shines upon the just and the unjust.

To glory be to God, his power is not like man, he is neither self-serving and neither retaliatory in his disbursement

To glory be to God, his mercy is everlasting and extends even unto those that murder and use his name in vain

To glory be to God, his peace is available even unto our enemies

To God be the glory, that we serve God who although all-powerful does not exploit his power

To God be the glory, the God that should’ve killed us all – decided to heal us all – for the hopeful goal of saving us all.

To God be the glory who has casted us from the Eden of Earth to prepare for us an even more glorius Eden in Heaven.

May we magnify his name, his praises are most deserving, for his grace keeps no recording of all wrongdoing but yet he remembers our good. We are undeserving yet he continues to serve us nonetheless…

In counsel, in warfare, in comfort in provision.

Our God is love and love is God.

May the love of our God overpower our flesh so that the love of God may overpower those lost by their flesh.

Praises to God, forever and ever more

We could never praise you enough, we could never thank you enough and for this reason I live my life trying nonetheless, praising you in private and public whenever and wherever time and space permits.

Praise God forevermore


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