Home sweet Home 🏡

The more I grow in Christ the more I realize that the body of Christ is legitimately one spirit and that when we permit God to work in our lives permanently we add ourselves to an invisible interconnected network that serves as our protection, restoration, guidance and counsel. The eyes are the windows to the soul and if you have the heart of Christ your eyes will reflect the soul of Christ. So much so that another believer can be used by the Holy Spirit to minister directly to your circumstance and comfort you as Jesus promised before he departed. For this reason, the body of Christ may be small in number in comparison with the world but we are mighty in power and strength for our strength comes from God. But it’s deeper than that. This interconnected body of Christ is interlocked deep with blessings and security. This is why we may leave our worldly possessions and follow Christ, wanting and needing for nothing, worrying not from day to day because God can and will use one another to bless and pour his favor unto one another. To truly be right in Christ is to become a member of a secret society saturated with fruits of the Holy Spirit. And the more consistent we walk and the deeper we walk our membership begets promotions and exposure to the mysteries of Christ via revealed interpretation and prophecy. When we walk away from God, we walk away from the unified purpose and while our absconding doesn’t revoke our membership it does demote our membership. These supernatural powers bestowed by God comes with a responsibility of others before self and though our purpose may bring Great fear – fear of the unknown – we quench our fears with the confident knowing that God has not and will not forsake us during war.

As a seasoned Christian, long gone are the worries of where I will spend eternity. I’m going to Heaven undoubtedly. I am more concerned about how I will live out eternity. And while God has assured me that in the perfect afterlife we will grieve and pain no more, I am not convinced that my heavenly heart will enjoy my mansion while absolutely forgetting completely those that burn in the varying degrees of hell. It brings me great sadness to phantom a state where even the wicked will be Forever separated from God, forgotten to never be prayed for nor delivered back to their rightful Father. There is something deeply saddening to imagine this.

Once you experience the joy of God it is inevitable that you become selfless, ministering and sharing this beautiful free gift because you want everyone else to partake in the same peace and jubilation that you experience daily. Every person that spends eternity in hell are unknowingly serving their punishment right now because they are living in chaos, fear, hate anger, uncertainty, poverty and depression. To reject God on Earth is worst than to suffer in hell because here you have access, a chance of a supernatural transformation and renewed life whereas in hell there is no access. No chance at a relationship; ever. If someone ends up in hell that means they didn’t truly know God for there is NO WAY you truly know God and turn your back on God. Your soul is too synced for departure. To never know God is to never know love and to never know love, God’s amazing and transformative love is a hell within itself.

For this reason I continue my work, my incessant pleading with God to show mercy on as many as you can. I plead for a contingency plan – for some supernatural way to bring each and every one of his children home sweet home 🏡

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