All Day Prayers – Produce Dreams as Nightmares…

Prophesies that send fears, 

Sermons I cannot hear 

Soliloquies, I can not see, 

In fragments,

in pieces, in snippets,

I have dreams that I can’t bear 

Days lost in contemplation, I witness a many  – emancipation 

and then live discreetly

truly afraid to write the things that I see

with the fear that is all mere visionaries. 

An exit stage left, for our former reality. 

In the name of Jesus Christ have mercy on me

for the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. 

With an innate sense of a countdown clock

Tic-tock, ticky, tacky, tock, 

I retract from Christianity to counter the shock

gone too long, my faith is locked, my ship is docked

There is a boat to Tarshish leaving without me

For I am onward to deliver ministry

Three days in hell with the unbelief. 

Who are these dead to be deserving of me?

of my health,

spiritual wealth,

of my energies

But, Aye, who am I to pass judgment on thee?

For when I am light and right with Christ

The skeletons

weigh a ton

brittle finger bones tug the tail of my tapestry. 


I am moved by this desperation, a final chance to know God.

These dead in Christ that lived like frauds,

May my fasting break the chains,

may my supplication in Christ, break the bonds.


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